Root end surgery

Has it been recommended to you to undergo root end surgery?

What do you have to take into account?

This surgical procedure is performed many different ways, because, unfortunately, there are no mandatory treatment guidelines for its implementation. The aim of the treatment is to remove the infection of the jaw bone, which developed out of germs from a root-treated tooth. (It is not the tooth that is sore, but rather the jaw bone in which it stands.) To do this, the root tip of the tooth has to be removed, because the germs, which are the source of the problem, are often located in the tip. Subsequently one has to test whether the root filling is sealing the tooth properly, because otherwise the germs could emerge from it again. If necessary, the tooth has to be sealed where the leak is.

My Concept

  • If required, 3D depiction of root tip (for a tooth with several roots, all root tips might not have to be treated).
  • Surgery using magnifying spectacles or an OP-microscope to detect the leaks.
  • Disinfection of the bone using laser (reduces the use of antibiotics).
  • Sealing of leaky root with biocompatible material only
  • Minimal incision

Together these factors result in the highest success rate while causing the least discomfort.
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